Choosing the Best Baby Bottles for Newborns

28 Dec

Choosing the Best Bottles for Newborns 

It is not always easy to find the best baby bottles for newborns, what with them having very specific needs for milk. It’s especially a necessity to find the beset bottles for babies that don’t cause milk to rush too quickly.

You can always visit to see what’s available. The Best Bottles for Babies page has plenty of details on the best baby bottles for newborns.

Keep Air Out

best bottles for newborns
Find the best bottles for newborns

It is critical for any baby bottle for newborns to work without producing air. A series of vents or a plug can help with keeping air out. The Bare Air-Free bottle is one of the top best baby bottles for newborns for how it offers an air plug that removes air and keeps the inside of the bottle fresh.

Inserts may also work in some bottles to keep air out. The Playtex BPA-Free Premium Nurser Bottle uses inserts that can be added around the inside of the bottle to keep air from moving in.

A Comfortable Nipple

A good nipple should be designed to give the baby enough comfort when moving from the breast over to the bottle. The Podee Baby Feeding System has a flexible nipple that can go at an angle from the base of the bottle. This allows the baby to be fed while sitting instead of when lying down. This should make it easier for the baby to consume milk as this is used.

A Softer Design

A soft design is also important to the baby. A newborn needs a bottle that has a soft feeling to it so the feeding process won’t be too hard. The Mimijumi baby bottle has a soft texture that is like a mother’s breast in its feel. This should be easy for a baby to take milk out of, especially considering that it has a soft and flexible body to it.

The body of the main cylinder should also be easy to use. The Comotomo Natural Feel baby bottle has a softer cylinder that isn’t irritating on the baby’s skin and is easy to consume milk out of. It gives the baby a better feeling when taking in milk and won’t be too hard to use.

A Great Body Is Also Needed

Newborns are known to often throw their bottles around at times. This is often out of curiosity or sometimes out of fun. The Lifefactory glass baby bottle is made with reinforced materials and will not break or crack when it is dropped. It does not contain any BPA or PVC compounds either, thus making it a safer choice for a baby to consume milk out of.

The best baby bottles for newborns are made to be easier for a baby to feed from and will keep the baby comfortable. You should look carefully if you want to find a great bottle that is safe for your newborn to use so it won’t be tough for the baby to take in milk.

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